It was finally time to make the paint! I searched around online for a while until I uncovered a recipe that suited my taste. The recipe (below) I found was from the website, and this recipe was extremely helpful in the (cooking?) process. A big thanks to the Chewonki kitchen staff who not only allowed me to use their ingredients and appliances, but also helped me figure how to get around the massive kitchen! Also to get the moss, I found a solid clump growing on the trees outside Binnacle which was extremely practical. I followed the steps, and voila, the paint was born!
The Recipe:
*Two cups of buttermilk is also needed (Yogurt may be used as a substitute).
*1 half a teaspoon of sugar
*2 cups of water (beer may also be used instead),
*Container for the finished product
*Corn syrup may also be needed in certain cases to increase the consistency

And of course, 2-3 handfuls/clumps of moss!

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